An Architectural & Engineering Corporation

An Architectural & Engineering Corporation

 Southern Classic Chicken

1010 E. Georgia Ave, Ruston, LA



•  1,500 Sq Ft Dining and Drive-Thru facility.


•  This project is one example among several of the Southern Classic

   Chicken franchise buildings our firm has designed in the region of

   north Louisiana and Texas. This is a wood framed structure with brick

   veneer and storefront glass. The parapet is framed to match the

   franchise stereotypical combination roof while visually blocking the

   roof mounted mechanical systems.






An Architectural & Engineering Corporation

441 Point Place Road, Downsville, LA 71234


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We are a fully insured family owned and operated business located in Northeast Louisiana. We take pride in providing our clients with design services that focus on quality construction methods, budget concerns and quick project delivery.  We sincerely hope that we may have the opportunity to be your design team!

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